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Binance Trading Bot

PlayOnBit provides users advanced automated strategies to trade Bitcoin. What separates PlayOnBit with the rest of the competition is that we don't just create strategies, we trade Bitcoin automatically through our smart AI Enhanced trading bot. This process is secure, deploying a Binance trading bot is instant and easy. It takes only a few minutes to configure.

trading bot for binance
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What Is Binance?

Founded in 2017, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of volume. The price of cryptocurrencies in this exchange is up to date, and orders are executed faster than other exchanges. Although it has users worldwide, it is not available in all countries of the world. Professional traders living in these countries have many problems using the exchange. These users must authenticate to use the exchange services.
Binance does not provide services to citizens of some countries, even if authenticated. It often detects user IP through bots, and millions of dollars of traders' capital are permanently blocked in an exchange. Do you know what professional traders do to solve this problem? The solution to this problem is to use bot trading. Do you know what a trading bot is and how it can help you use Binance? Stay tuned.

Why does Binance restrict accounts?

Binance Exchange was founded many years ago by a Chinese man named Chang Peng Zhao. The exchange was initially based in China, but pressures and restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on the exchange owners led them to travel to countries such as Malta and use teams based in different countries to develop and manage the exchange.
Binance provides excellent facilities for its users. Many cryptocurrencies are listed in this exchange, and it is possible to pre-sale new coins (IDO). It is also possible to use leverage and futures trading in this exchange, and you can easily stake your crypto there. These are just a few of the unique features of this reputable exchange.
What sets Binance apart from other exchanges in the world is not just its trading volume and services. Binance seeks to expand its activities legally and to cooperate with governments. Governments concerned about the use of crypto for money laundering and terrorism are asking Binance to ensure the true identity of exchange users (KYC).
Binance has banned many users in countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Syria at the request of governments. The website of this exchange does not provide any service for the IP of these countries, and using the IP of other nations is only a temporary solution. Binance does not offer services in many other countries, such as China, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. American users can only use the Binance America service. It has led many users to use other exchanges. However, there is still an easy way to use Binance: buying a Trading Bot.

What is a trading bot, and how does it work?

A trading bot is software written by computer programmers to trade without humans. Because the code runs on a computer without human intervention, it works faster and more accurately than humans.
The trading bot may seem like a complicated concept to many people at first, but it is easy to use with a few clicks. If you are familiar with the way trading bot works, you will better understand how money-making this tool is.
The trading bot first predicts the price of a cryptocurrency. Complicated algorithms do this, and almost every bot has its unique way of predicting price. In the next step, the trading bot identifies the amount of risk and decides how much capital to use in the trade. The more advanced the bot, the more accurately it performs these processes. AI trading bots can do this better because they use advanced algorithms such as neural networks. A neural network is an artificial intelligence algorithm that will get better results the more it is run. In other words, an AI bot will have fewer errors with each trade. Some bots also give you the option to do the risking yourself.
The next step is to buy crypto. The Trading bot makes buy/sell/short/long order without the need for a human. This step is actually where you need an exchange. The trading bot does not work without an exchange and is a tool to connect to exchange. You can use the bot features to remove the restrictions on using Binance Exchange.

How can bot Trading help us use Binance?

Binance Exchange is equipped with tools that constantly check users' information. One of the most critical user characteristics that Binance is sensitive to is where people live. As you know, there is a lot of information through using the internet that tracks where users live, and the most important one is people's IP.
Binance has banned users of countries that typically use software that changes their IP. However; It only takes a few seconds for Binance to detect your original IP and block your capital forever after disconnecting your VPN.
A Binance trading bot can solve such a problem for you. Binance has made it possible to connect trading bots. You can connect your bot to Binance Exchange for a few clicks. Since you will not do anything manually, you will not need to connect to your exchange account permanently. Binance trading bot automatically issues a buy and sell signal and proceeds to buy and sell.
Binance detection tools can not identify your real IP, and your capital will not be blocked by exchange because they want the IP of the bot server. You can easily use the internet with real IP and make a profit.

Get to Know our AI Enhanced Binance Trading Bot

PlayOnBit provides easy-to-use, customizable but also economical trading bots. Whether an experienced trader or not, we Automatically maximize your profit along minimising your loss. Take advantage from the unique features provided by PlayOnBit, the likes of which you have never seen offered by any other platform such as Binance and/or Binance Futures. We have developed a cryptocurrency trading platform that supports both Binance and BitMEX exchanges. By using the API key provided by Binance, you are able to use our AI Enhanced Bot which has been trained by the most sophisticated strategies. You can easily track and check your Bot's performance at anytime. No need for adding complex algorithms; unlike other platforms, we will customize your bot in whatever way you feel best.

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