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Bitcoin Margin Trading Bot

Automated, secure and easy to use AI Enhanced Bot designed for Cryptocurrency Margin trading. Adjust stop loss, Trailing stops and set your risk level in the EASIEST way.

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Make your own customized bot in just 30 seconds without any preceding experience in cryptocurrency trading. You can adjust any setting in the most simple way. Maximize your Profit along minimizing any potential Risk. Enjoy making profit off of your investments, All thanks to our Advanced AI Enhanced Bot which has been trained with advanced strategies.

bitcoin, etherium, ripple, litecoin and dash

Supported Exchange

bitcoin btc 55408
ethereum eth 2008
bitcash bch 724
litecoin ltc 223
ripple xrp 0.56
bitcoin and etherium mining

How does it work?

After each hourly candle closes, depending on a user's status, our AI decides how much and in what direction to trade. Our AI may decide to hold in the current Position (depending on how many other open positions are available for a user), Invest more to the current position or close on a percentage of the current position.

Is It Really Free?

PlayOnBit offers a free plan for users to experience some of the capabilities of our highly advanced AI Enhanced Trading Bot. The bronze plan is a great way to test our Bot's functionality. The premium plans, will furthermore add new features and functionalities to your customized bot. You can upgrade from the bronze plan at any time.
After you sign up, your bronze plan will automatically be activated (no credit card required). With the Free plan, you will receive daily signals and then you can start your manual trading. The Free plan gives you all the basic tools for getting started and you could keep using the bronze plan ad infinitum! It really is free!
The Bronze plan also allows you to see the Panel along signals in action to understand how things work and what premium features you are missing out. You can upgrade to our premium plans (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) at ANY TIME.

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cash and credit card
cash and credit card

Automated Profit Making

PlayOnBit allows you to set up your own personal trader bot. That means you can make money while you sleep in cryptocurrency markets that never sleep! Our easy to use bot even allows amateur traders to take advantage of volatile markets by taking the emotion out of the decision making processes. Cryptocurrency Investment has never been this easy.