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Bitcoin Margin Trading Bot

Automated, secure, and easy to use AI Enhanced Bot designed for Cryptocurrency Margin trading. Adjust Stop loss, Trailing stops, and make the most out of our specialized Crypto Signals.
Our automated Bitcoin trading Bot will help you to earn up to 230% more profit than traditional trading strategies.

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Daily Return 1.76 %
Weekly Return 13.35 %
Monthly Return 63.10 %

Create your personalized bot effortlessly

Craft a unique bot tailored to your preferences in a matter of seconds, even if you have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. With intuitive controls, you can easily fine-tune every aspect. Maximize your profits while minimizing risks. Our state-of-the-art bot, enhanced with advanced AI algorithms and strategies, empowers you to capitalize on your investments and generate substantial returns.

bitcoin, etherium, ripple, litecoin and dash

Supported Exchange

bitcoin btc 55408
ethereum eth 2008
bitcash bch 724
litecoin ltc 223
ripple xrp 0.56
bitcoin and etherium mining

How AI Auto Trading Robot Works?

Our AI Auto Trading Robot operates by analyzing the closing of each hourly candle. Based on the user's status, our advanced AI algorithm determines the optimal trading strategy. The AI considers various factors, such as the availability of open positions for the user. It then makes decisions that may involve holding the current position, increasing investment in the current position, or partially closing a percentage of the existing position. This dynamic approach ensures intelligent and adaptive trading based on real-time market conditions.

Is It Really Free?

PlayOnBit offers a free plan that allows users to explore and experience the capabilities of our highly advanced AI Enhanced Trading Bot. The bronze plan serves as an excellent way to test the functionality of our Bot. For additional features and enhanced functionalities, we provide premium plans such as silver, gold, or platinum. Upgrading from the bronze plan to a premium plan is available at any time.
Once you sign up, your bronze plan will be activated automatically without requiring any credit card information. With the free plan, you gain access to daily signals and can begin automated trading. The free plan provides all the essential tools to get started, and you can continue using the bronze plan indefinitely without any cost. It truly is free!
Moreover, the bronze plan offers a comprehensive view of the Panel along with signals, enabling you to understand how things work and discover the premium features you may be missing out on. At any point, you have the flexibility to upgrade to one of our premium plans (silver, gold, or platinum) according to your preference.

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Laura Poppe

Laura Poppe @laura_p91
According to the best of my knowledge, most of the bots are too exclusive and expensive, but if you are looking for something reasonable, checkout PlayOnBit.

Christoph Gliesing

Christoph Gliesing @chr_gl
PlayOnBit is just a trading tool and doesn't do magic, but it's a cutting-edge tool which will allows anyone to make money without being trapped besides their keyboard all day.

Tiffani Jarnigan

Tiffani Jarnigan @tjarni1986
BitMEX is the most influential market for crypto traders to make money via leverage trading, and I use the Bot to automate my trading because can't stay online to trade all day long.

cash and credit card

Unleash the Power of Automated Profit Generation

Experience the revolutionary capabilities of PlayOnBit as it enables you to create your very own personalized trader bot. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to earning money while you sleep in the ever-active cryptocurrency markets. Our user-friendly bot simplifies the complexities of trading, enabling even amateur traders to thrive in volatile market conditions by eliminating emotional decision-making processes. Prepare to embark on a hassle-free Cryptocurrency investment journey like never before.