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Binance Trading Bot

PlayOnBit provides users advanced automated strategies to trade Bitcoin. What separates PlayOnBit with the rest of the competition is that we don't just create strategies, we trade Bitcoin automatically through our smart AI Enhanced trading bot. This process is secure, deploying a Binance trading bot is instant and easy. It takes only a few minutes to configure.

What Is Binance?

Founded in 2017, Binance is one of the best and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This popular exchange supports Bitcoin and most of the Altcoins. The popularity of Binance has come from their low trading fees and the features they provide their users with. Trade fees are 0.10% and as little as 0.075% for users paying with the Binance coin (BNB), even lower to around 0 if monthly trade volume is high enough. The Binance platform is already among the most established and highest trading exchanges in terms of volume, thanks to its reputation and ease-of-use.

Get to Know our AI Enhanced Binance Trading Bot

PlayOnBit provides easy-to-use, customizable but also economical trading bots. Whether an experienced trader or not, we Automatically maximize your profit along minimising your loss. Take advantage from the unique features provided by PlayOnBit, the likes of which you have never seen offered by any other platform such as Binance and/or Binance Futures. We have developed a cryptocurrency trading platform that supports both Binance and BitMEX exchanges. By using the API key provided by Binance, you are able to use our AI Enhanced Bot which has been trained by the most sophisticated strategies. You can easily track and check your Bot's performance at anytime. No need for adding complex algorithms; unlike other platforms, we will customize your bot in whatever way you feel best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Risks of Using PlayOnBit's Binance Trading Bot?

Our platform does not add any risks or potential security breaches to your existing trading set-up. Binance API keys do not read user security data, only your trading data. Make sure to disable funds withdrawal option when you are generating an API key, for an added layer of security.

How can I check and see the performance of my bot?

You can do so in your dashboard, after you have logged in.

Are there any Free Plans Available?

All users automatically receive the Bronze plan, which is completely free, after signing up!