connect your ai bot to bitmex

How to Connect Your AI Bot to BitMEX

AI crypto trading bot needs an API key to start trading automatically. APIs keys are a way for applications or services outside the exchange to access the data or features inside the exchange. Therefore, you should have an account in BitMEX exchange and create an API key for using the Bot. We've put together a step-by-step guide below in which we cover all the steps needed to connect and launch PlayOnBit Bot. Let's get started.

Login / Register to BitMEX

1/2- You should Login to your BitMEX account or creating an account if you haven't register yet. Therefore, Go to and press "Register" button. On the registration page, enter your email address, create a password for your account. You should verify your BitMEX account by clicking on link which BitMEX sent to your email.

login-register bitmex

3- If you have already registered, go to and Click "Log in". Then, enter your email address and password and Click "Log in" button.


Create BitMEX API Key

4- After Registering, click blue icon on right side up.
5- Click "API KEY" on the menu.

create bitmex api key

6- Type a name for your API key and choose "Order" key permission. Leave blank "CIDR" field. You can check withdraw and type "Two-Factor Token"
7- Then, click "Create API key" button.
8- Your API key will be created and will be shown below the "Create API key" Button. You should copy "ID" and "Secret" keys. Keep the keys safe and do not share it anywhere.
9- You can "Disable" or "Delete" API key whenever you want.

bitmex panel

My Exchange and Connect the Bot

10- You need the keys for launching the Bot. Now, go to the bot panel and click "My Exchange" at left side up menu.
11- Choose BitMEX from the list and paste your "ID" and "Secret" on Modify Exchange menu. Then, click "Add". Now, the bot has connected your BitMEX account.
12- You can check your key and bot connectivity by Clicking "Test Connection" on Current Exchange menu.

my exchange