Best Features, at a competitive price.

Whether you need daily trading signals, hourly trading signals, AI Enhanced trader bot trained with sophisticated strategies, or a whole dedicated personal AI machine, we are here to cover them. Upgrade or cancel your subscription with ease at any time. PlayOnBit is free to join!

Daily Trading Signals Via our Telegram channel
Hourly Trading Signals Via our Telegram channel
Hourly Trading Signals Via our Telegram channel
Auto tradings and position making
Hourly Trading Signals Via our Telegram channel
Auto tradings and position making
A whole Dedicated AI Machine
bitcoin etherium and altcoins
Plan features
Frequently Asked Questions

How long my contracts?

PlayOnBit subscription plans are paid monthly or yearly. We make it simple to start (or stop) your service at any time.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, at any time you want, in your dashboard manager. When upgrading or downgrading your robot plan, you will grants access to advanced features or prevents, depending on the detail of your new plan.

Is there a discount for yearly service?

Yes, we offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments. You will receive about 10 percent off on a new subscription with your annual purchase.

What is meant by dedicated?

Platinum package have a dedicated resources (virtual machine, AI robot, non delayed orders and etc.) for you. Our Acceptable Use Policy can be found here.

Can I download PlayOnBit smart robot?

No. PlayOnBit is a fully-managed web service. There is no download when you use the PlayOnBit interface. PlayOnBit does provide many standard methods for viewing your robot results. All your trading management needs can be accessed directly from your browser.

Which currencies and countries does PlayOnBit support?

Now PlayOnBit accept Tether (USDT) as payment currency. All countries in the world is supported.

Do you offer free plan?

Yes, You can use our free plan (Bronze) for ever.

Have more questions?

Our support team is available 24/7 and usually responds in well under an hour. Visit our Help & Support Center to contact them.