using the roBot advanced features

How to Use the RoBot's Advanced Features

In This Tutorial, We're going to learn what each of the controls in Bot Settings of are for. (This section is only available for those with a gold or platinum subscription plan)

1- AI

Here You Can turn disable or enable the AI Bot.

2- Trading Type

If you want to check the performance of the Bot, you can use the Paper Trade option, and if you want to trade using real currency, you can use the Live Trade option.

3- Sentiment Checker

The Sentiment Index is a benchmark comprised of different data models such as The Fear and Greed index, BTC Dominance, Google Trends, and… which in general are called sentiment analysis. The sentiment analysis specifies whether Bitcoin traders are generally selling or are buying. It also indicates whether the market is bullish or bearish. (Bull Market or Bear Market)

4- Leverage

Margin trading is one of the distinct and fundamental features of PlayOnBit's AI Bot.
Margin trading or Leverage trading can be tricky for inexperienced traders, but our AI Bot with its exemplary Profit/Loss Ratio can make it easy for anyone to trade with minimum risk. The higher the leverage, the higher the profit or the loss. You can adjust your leverage based on the volume of your investment and on how much risk you are willing to take. (We Recommend x2 to x10 of leverage)
Note that you cannot change the leverage while the AI Bot is on. To do so, you will first need to turn the AI Bot OFF and manually close all open orders and open positions; after an hour you can change the leverage and turn the AI Bot ON again.

5- Stop Loss Percent

Stop loss is the most important safeguard that any trader should use. Without stop loss, your investments will be at a huge risk.
You should adjust the stop loss to your preferred level in accordance with your leverage and total investment.
(We recommended: 2X leverage -> 8% SL | 5X leverage -> 20% SL | 10X leverage -> 40% SL)

6- Risk Level

This is one of the most notable features that PlayOnBit offers. The risk level will let you determine how much risk you're willing to take. 100% risk-taking means the AI Bot can risk your total investments for each trade; the lower the percentage of your risk level is, the less your profit or loss will be.

7- P/L Checker

If you turn the P/L checker on, other additional settings will become available, and also the AI Bot will check for your profit and loss every few minutes.
P/L Checker has 3 modes: Auto, Fast Take Profit and Trailing Stop

7-1 Auto

In this mode, all of the settings will be adjusted automatically by the AI Bot. take profit will be ordered according to Bitcoin's price and the volume of your current open positions.

7-2 Fast Take Profit

In this mode, your profit will be taken out of the market rapidly in small parts.

7-3 Trailing Stop

In this mode, trailing stop will be activated. With every price change, the AI bot will move the close order so that you profit more.

8- I Know How the Robot Work

if you're familiar with how trailing stop and take profit function, use this button to open up and customize their Advanced Settings.

Save and Reset Defaults

After tinkering with the settings, click on Save Settings for your changes to be applied. If you want to return your settings to their default mode, click on Reset Default.

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