start the ai robot with basic features

How to Start the AI Robot with Basic Features

PlayOnBit provides advanced automated strategies to trade Bitcoin. Learn how to easily use and customize our AI Enhanced Bot to take advantage of the market and gain massively on your Investment returns.
Here you can learn how to start using the basic features of our one-of-a-kind trading bot and discover the function of each of the settings.

Login / Register

1- From the Menu page click on Login/Register to enter the Login page
2- If you don't have an account, you could click on Register and create one



3- After you're logged in, you will be redirected to your Dashboard
4- At the top of this page you would be able to see the Bitcoin Price Chart
5/6- Your open positions or open orders will be displayed here
7- Based on your subscription plan, you would be able to see your hourly or daily new signals
8- Bot's Performance is also displayed at the bottom, in terms of your net worth and daily, weekly, monthly returns.


Bot Settings

9- You could customize your bot by clicking on Bot Settings in the side menu. Note that if you are subscribed to our free plan (Bronze Plan), the settings in this panel will be disabled for you.

bot settings


10- By clicking on subscription in the side menu, you could buy one of our premium plans via paying with Tether (USDT). No credit card or further identification (KYC) is required.
11/12- Here you can purchase one of our Premium services that suits your needs. After clicking on the plan, you will be redirected to the tether payment gateway. Note that you can change your subscription plan at any time.


My Exchange

13- Here you can link or unlink different exchanges to the AI bot via an API key. Here you can learn how to create a Binance account/how to create a BitMEX account
and how to make a Binance API key/how to make a BitMEX API key 14/15- If you don't have a BitMEX or Binance account, you can create one by clicking the buttons.

my exchange

Telegram Channel

17/18- If you prefer to receive your new signals on the telegram app, go to settings from the side menu and click on profile, and in this page click on connect, the link of our Telegram Bot will then be opened.

telegram channel