maximize bitcoin trading profit

How to Maximize our Bitcoin Trading Profit in the Cryptocurrency Market

Trading requires 2 different types of analyses: Fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
Maximum profit is only achieved if these two analyses have been precisely done. But most of the traders don't trade based on the criteria and only make a position according to just a few simple charts, which results either in the loss of profit, reduction in liquidity and net worth or the complete removal of their assets from the market (which is called Liquidation in cryptocurreny market or Margin Call in forex market).


PlayOnBit provides an opportunity to trade with an AI-Enhanced bot (which has been trained with technical analysis) specialized on the current cryptocurrency market and in particular Bitcoin. If the user is already familiar with the odds of fundamental trading, they should utilize it along our bot.
For example when the market is hit by a certain fluctuation, or you believe a related news (for example Tesla's purchase of $1.5Tn worth of bitcoin) will force it to react abnormally, then you could manually reduce leverage, tighten stop loss, adjust the Bot's settings to your own level of risk taking or even close all open positions.
But don't worry! if you're unable to make your own rather precise fundamental analysis, our accomplished team of analytical experts are with you to maximize your profit and reduce the odds of your financial loss.
Keep in mind that our premium fundamental analysis services are only provided to the users who are subscribed to our Platinum plan. PlayOnBit will support Platinum level members indefinitely.