How to choose the best BitMEX Trading bot

How to choose the best BitMEX Trading bot

The usage of trading bots has become very popular today, and many large exchanges such as BitMEX encourage users to use these bots. The usage of these bots will increase as the cryptocurrency market fluctuates widely.

The increase in the usage of bots is not only for this reason but also for other reasons. Trading is a time-consuming process, and each trader must find different trading signals and then use it quickly. It is why traders are interested in using automated trading techniques such as bot trading. It allows them to trade faster and more accurately.

Of course, one of the most important things to consider before using a bot is to know that all bots are not profitable. Each bot has a set of elements that you should make sure of before using it. Otherwise, your will lose your money. This article will review these features and examine how to choose the right bot trader.


What is a BitMEX Trading bot?

A BitMEX trading bot is an automated software that sets specific buy/sell orders using an application interface called API. You connect this software to your exchange like BitMEX, and the bot executes the transactions for you by exchange automatically.

This software works using different algorithms. A particular bot that can work with artificial intelligence is a BitMEX AI trading bot. The science of artificial intelligence can significantly equip the bot with decision-making and reduce bot error. In other words, a bot without artificial intelligence can only execute simple orders such as signal execution, but it cannot determine when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The science of artificial intelligence enables this tool to trade like a human.


Why should we use BitMEX bot trading?

There are many reasons to use these bots. The bots do not have human errors because they do without feeling traded. In other words, a bot never gets caught up in greed or fear and does not change its trading strategy. Another advantage of the BitMEX trade bot is that they act much faster than humans. Accuracy is another factor that these trading bots have. The variety of strategies of the bots is also one of the most important reasons for the superiority of these bots over humans.

How To Choose the Best BitMEX AI Trading Bot?

 However, not all bots are profitable to use, as we have said. To not harm the use of these bots, pay attention to the following points.

Interface transparency

One of the first things to consider when choosing a BitMEX trading bot is that the bot should be well designed so that you can have complete control over its behavior. In other words, you need to be clear about the decisions, what assets to buy and what assets to sell, and you could stop it quickly. Imagine that your bot is destroying your capital (for whatever reason). In this case, how can you prevent this from happening if there is no transparency? Be sure to try out the trial version before buying a bot and see if you can control it.

Team or Company Behind It

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a bot trader is that the team behind the BitMEX bot should be experienced to guide you through use or fix bot defects quickly. Even better if the founding team members are experienced in the financial market.

Customer support

Useful software should have a good support team, and it does not matter what the software does. Before using a trading bot, make sure that the support team has the proper support that can respond to you at any time.

Improve performance over time

As we said, a trading bot is usually an assistant that helps you order regular buy/sells. However, BitMEX AI bot trading has a different function. This bot can send you a buy and sell signal if you do not connect it to a BitMEX exchange. The main feature will be used if you join the bot to exchange. The bot automatically gives a signal and sets the buy and sell order for you. It would help if you turned the bot on and off in this case.

The performance of AI-based systems is based on reducing the performance error coefficient after each iteration. The BitMEX AI bot works the same way. It measures its performance each time the bot gives a signal, and it is how the best AI trading bots function. The duration of the improvement depends on many factors, including the algorithm and the number of trades. Sometimes it may take a week and sometimes a few months.

Use different strategies

The more features a bot offers you, the better the bot. For example, using different trading strategies can allow a bot to profit in any market situation. The ability to trade when the market is red is another feature that determines the quality of a bot's performance. Not all bots can be profitable in the face of falling prices or market suffering.


Bot trading is one of the best tools for profitability in the cryptocurrency market, but you need to know what bot to choose for trading and how to use it. You usually do not need much knowledge to use advanced bots. However, before selecting a BitMEX AI trading bot, you must follow these tips to be profitable.