How Much Money Can I Make by an AI Trading Bot

How Much Money Can I Make by an AI Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency is the world of making money, you just have to know how to take advantage of opportunities. You can mint NFT, mine or make a long-term investment. There are even other ways to make money faster. Trading is one of the ways that thousands of people around the world are doing it every day and making a profit. This market is still young and the chances of making money will increase in the future.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts probably have a common question: How do I make money with cryptocurrency? What is the best way? Today we are going to show you a way that is not as risky as other ways and at the same time does not need to spend a lot of time. In addition, you do not require much knowledge. The way is using the artificial intelligence trading bot

Why Most People Don’t Make Money by Trading?

The short answer is: trading is difficult. This is why many newbies lose even with trading and lose their capital. There are several reasons. The main reasons, however, are the inability of the trader to overcome the right emotions and decisions, as well as lack of knowledge and lack of skills and pace. To succeed in trading, you have to work for many months and learn from many of your mistakes and try different strategies. This is the path that many successful traders take. To trade manually, you must follow the steps below:

  • Set aside some money so that losing it will not be a problem for your life
  • Register in a reputable exchange and buy crypto.
  • Choose a specific strategy in which the risk ratio is greater than 1.5.
  • Set stop loss.
  • Set aside a portion of your portfolio that is less than 10%.
  • Trade many times with the same strategy.

In appearance, these steps are easy, and you probably think you can make about 25% profit per 100 trades. But this is a misconception because most people make the mistake of following these simple steps. Profitability trading has even more to it. Sometimes a simple mistake can ruin your entire fortune. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not controlling your emotions. If you control your emotions properly, there is another obstacle, and that is knowing the market. Cryptocurrencies fluctuate widely, and bitcoin affects the price of all other cryptocurrencies. There is a better way.

AI trading bot will be profitable

Problems with manual trading are the advantages of trading bots. Bots are codes that do not feel, unlike humans. These bots are fast and do not change their strategies. However, traditional bots also have problems. The code is not smart and may have failures, and it never learns from these wrong decisions. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes. AI trading bots have the ability to learn using machine learning. Machine learning is a branch of the modern science of artificial intelligence that teaches bots not to repeat their mistakes and to act like intelligent human beings.

The advantage of using AI trading bots is that they do not have emotions and do not bring fear and greed into decisions.

How Much Money Can I Make by an AI Trading Bot?

The short answer is: it depends. There are several elements that affect your profit.

Reasons affect your profit by artificial intelligence bot trading are:

The size of your capital

Undoubtedly, one of the most important reasons affect your profit is the capital with which you trade. If your trade is profitable, the higher the capital, the higher your profit. If your trade is not profitable, your loss is even greater. However, trading bots will be profitable if you set them up correctly.

Risk Tolerance

Your risk tolerance There are various strategies in trading, some of which are high risk. The less you use these strategies, the more you gain.

market status

Cryptocurrency is a complex market and can sometimes be profitable for months. Sometimes the price of bitcoins and altcoins goes down and stays that way for months. Of course, cryptocurrency is a two-sided market, and falling or rising prices will not have much effect on a successful trade, and stay prices stable can reduce your profits. Now imagine that you were supposed to get 5% profit from every 100 trades, but the crypto market is going up for a month and your coin price will increase 10 times! Now you understand the impact on the market situation!

Use the leverage

Cryptocurrency is a market that has leverage. Leverage multiplies the profit or loss of each trade. Imagine you need 5% profit by a trade. If you increase your leverage 5X before you start trading, your profit will be 25%. If the market changes and your trade fails, you will lose 25%. Using leverage can also affect your trading profit by artificial intelligence bots.

What is the average monthly profitability of artificial intelligence trading bots?

No one knows the answer to this question. Traditional bots claim to be able to make a 10% monthly profit with Leverage 1 in red market. Now imagine that artificial intelligence comes to the aid of the bot!

It does not matter what the number is. The important matter is that the artificial intelligence bot is more profitable than the traditional bot. Now you can multiply your profit by a positive approximation.

It does not matter what the number is. The important thing is that the artificial intelligence bot is more profitable than the traditional bot. Now you can multiply your profit by a positive approximation


You do not need in-depth knowledge to use an artificial intelligence trading bot. All you have to do is turn it on and adjust it properly and not worry about profitability. Mae profit in cryptocurrency is not difficult. If you were waiting for an investment opportunity as well, then we suggest the Playonbit Bot. You can use the Bot free forever.